The strangest superstitions of gamblers

strangest superstitions of gamblersSurprisingly, even gamblers believe in omens. In their opinion, any little things can affect their luck in the game. Sometimes you can even observe how gamblers hold a rabbit’s foot in their hands, rubbing it in parallel. Below are the most popular superstitions.

Newbies are always lucky

If there are new punters at the casino table, experienced gamblers will definitely bet on the same as the newbie bet on. They think the newbie superstition really does come true, but this is actually just psychology. Experienced punters almost always fixate on winning, while beginners just bet without any goal in their choice. More often than not, newbies play in a casino to try what it is, or to have fun. To minimize losses, it is better to start in $1 minimum deposit casino

How about ladies

Experienced gamblers are always afraid to see a woman on the way to the casino. Women are categorically forbidden to sit at a gambling table, and even more so to touch anything and playing objects. In parallel, there is a belief that a beautiful girl at the table will bring victory and luck in the game. Professional gamblers even hire beautiful women to just stand by their side for the entire game.

Players’ superstitions about animals

This refers to the superstition that if you rub a rabbit’s foot, then luck will come to you. Players use them in a variety of ways: as a phone keychain, as a pendant on a chain, in a keychain, and more. Badger teeth also bring luck. Gamblers never play in casinos where dogs are allowed, because these animals are bad luck.Although, it seems to us that more luck can be brought by $15 no deposit bonus. That is, the money that the institution provides as a reward. You can find out how to get it in Riobet Casino here –

Superstitious punters and the racetrack

There are many superstitions associated with horse racing. For punters, the number of the horse, its color, how the jockey is dressed, and even the name of the horse are important. If the name of the animal has ever been changed, then it is undesirable to bet on this horse. According to superstition, the change of name confuses the consciousness of the animal, which prevents him from winning the race.

There are also lucky omens. For example, if you sit on the seat where a successful gambler sat, then the next punter will be lucky. A scarf laid on a chair will bring good luck. The main thing is to choose a color that brings success. Before betting, the chip must be rubbed against the clothes for the bet to work. You can also bring a large bill with you, and first you need to touch it, and only then place a bet. It is believed that such a sign will allow you to win the amount on the bill.