Dealer Jobs — Income and Job Specifics

live dealerThe first  poker cards were different in edge, and the pictures were drawn at full height. The modern design appeared in the 30s of the XIX century. With the development of the Internet, gambling has changed. However, the appearance of the slots did not cause a decline in the popularity of live poker. This is a game that is played with a live dealer. Therefore, many are interested in jobs in the casino. The dealer profession is international. The same standards apply in any country. Therefore, if the legislation or the economic situation in the country changes, the dealer will not be left without work.

What is a Dealer?

live dealer casinoWhat is a croupier? Today many young people it’s a dream job. However, this was not always the case. At the end of the fourteenth century, the jester of Charles VI, Jacqueman Gringonner, painted four kings on cardboard cards. This man tried to do everything possible to entertain the monarch who recently had a fever. The jester presented funny scenes using pictures. These were the first attempts to become a dealer. Today, the role of the dealer is completely different. This person is dealing with cards. The main responsibilities are:

  • Accept bets from casino customers
  • Count the number of points from rivals
  • Ensure fair play

It should be understood that table games dealer and roulette croupier must have different skills. For roulette, this is the counting chips and wheel spinning. If it’s a poker game, the croupier dealt cards. In any case, croupier means a casino employee. Such a person is hiring by the owners of the gambling establishment. Therefore, an interview will be required.

Roulette Dealer Jobs: Advantages and Disadvantages

In order to work as a dealer, you must be stress-resistant.  A professional croupier is a person who has to remember huge amounts and forgets nothing. Another seemingly strange criterion is the length of the fingers. Casino employees use a so-called measure. It’s a set of 20 chips, which should fit in the palm.  Croupier must have finger lengths to hold twenty chips in one hand. If you fail this test, you will not be hired.

A skilled dealer is both a good mathematician and an excellent psychologist. In order to correctly counting points in roulette, sometimes the dealer will have to multiply several pairs of double-digit numbers and summarize the results. For all this, the dealer has no more than 10-20 seconds. Otherwise, especially impatient customers will begin to worry and demand that new bets accepting soon. Dealer is a casino employee who speaks several languages. Without such skills, it will be difficult to communicate with customers.

How Much Can a Dealer Earn?

The star dealer pay rate will be different. Profit depends on what gambling institution you work. Some croupier who worked for the WSOP is Danielle Harris. Over the past twelve years, this man has been traveling in the USA. Harris admits that one of the best aspects of work is the ability to travel and visit new places. At the beginning of his career, he was a trainee dealer Crown. For many people, this is not the most prestigious job. However, you can get the necessary experience. In some countries, the monthly income of a casino dealer is between $3,000-$4,000, but even local residents find it difficult to get this job

According to statistics, during the WSOP, most croupiers earned about $10,000. For example, in the city where Harris comes from, the average annual income is about $42,000.

Such earnings are the dream of many people in America. However, you should understand that working at night or on a floating schedule is quite difficult.